I weave for myself, for family and friends, and to sell to the public.  My most popular items are tea towel and dishcloth sets.  The towels are approximately 17"x 29" and the dishcloths are approximately 10" square.  They are made of a thirsty cotton boucle yarn, which is very absorbent.  I sell these for $30 CA.   

When I am preparing to make a set of tea towels, I usually start with the dishcloths.  I put on a long warp, about 10 yards long, that will make 17 dishcloths and explore different colours and colour combinations on the loom to see which ones I want to use.  I choose my favourite seven to be the colour choices for the towels.

When customers order tea towel sets and describe what they want, sometimes I am left trying to interpret their vision.  This normally works very well, but occasionally disappointment ensues.  The main issue revolves around colour, either too much or not enough - everyone's tastes are different.  In an effort to eliminate this dilemma, I  have decided to include pictures of warps here, as I make them.    

This will give you, the customer, an idea of how colours interact on the loom, allowing you to use this information to better choose your own colour combinations.  

Autumn on a Country Lane - This warp is reminiscent of  a stroll along a country lane on a crisp October afternoon watching the fall colours glow in the sunlight.

Rainbow - My guild was doing a demonstration during the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council Summer Market, which just happened to be the same weekend as Halifax's Pride Festival.  This seemed like a good warp to put on the loom for the event.

Playing with Colour

Rainbow in the Mist - Living on the coast of Nova Scotia we often have fog and mist, particularly in the early morning.  This rainbow is made with pastel yarns, as if viewed through the mist.

Party Mints - Who doesn't love those pretty little pastel coloured square party mints.  When I put this warp on the loom, it so reminded me of those tasty treats that the name of the colourway was obvious!

Black and White Meets Technicolor - Just as the addition of colour to movies, the addition of colour brings this plain black and white warp to life.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries - Drying dishes with these thirsty towels is a treat, but not on the level of the decadence that inspired them - dipping strawberries in white, milk and dark chocolate.  Yum!  

Best Buds - According to colour theory, there are several colour combinations that work well together.  Sometimes they seem counter-intuitive, but invariably they work.  This combo is a "Triad," three colours that are equidistant around the colour wheel - red-orange, blue-green and yellow-green.

These are some of the sets I have made, with more being added periodically.  Be sure to check back once in a while to see new combinations I am exploring.  If you have colour combinations you think I should try, email me with suggestions and maybe you will see them show up here!

Crayon Box - One of my favourite parts about starting school as a child was opening that new box of crayons.  The colours so bright they just call out to be used.  This warp is for everyone who can't settle on just one colour.

Fibre Arts and More

Tropical Punch - Escape the winter blues with the dreams this warp brings to mind of southern seas with golden beaches and bright tropical flowers.

Beach days - While doing dishes you will be reminded of the beach days of summer - hot sun, soft sand beneath your feet and clear blue water calling your name.

Green Apple Crafts