Fibre Arts and More

Green Apple Crafts

Fall 2015 - On my 45" loom is a warp for some baby blankets and throws.  They are made in my favourite traditional overshot pattern - Cat Tracks and Snail Trails.  The warp will make four small throws or baby blankets, as well as one large throw.  The smaller ones are made with 100% cotton so they are very easy care.  The large one will will have the ground cloth made from cotton, but the pattern warp will be rayon chenille.   So far I have completed three baby blankets.

For Christmas (2015) I gave my daughter-in-law a "warp" of her choice.  She asked for tea towels woven in a red and white Log Cabin pattern.  (See The Weaving Process for more information). One warp produces 4 towels, 2 dishcloths and a scrubbie.

Older Projects

In January (2016) I did a program for the guild about "using your Handspun" - for something other than to decorate your house with skeins and skeins of lovely yarns!  At the end of my presentation I challenged everyone to make something with handspun yarn to show at the May AGM.  I made a blanket from yarn I had made many years ago.  I had purchased a couple Icelandic fleeces from some friends of my parents on the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley.  I washed it, dyed it and spun and spun and spun.  As a result I had lots of yarn, enough for this throw. 

Our local guild,  the Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers, hosted a month long show with demonstrations at the Nova Scotia Archives in August 2015.  These are some of my entries including my favourite, a leather rug (bottom left).  

I also wove award ribbons for the various categories.

2015 marked the 45th anniversary of the founding of our guild, The Atlantic Spinners and Handweavers, and we organized a Sapphire challenge for the guild members, sapphire being the 45th anniversary gem.  I wove this scarf from Orlec.  Orlec is one of the acrylic yarns that I use for scarves because of its sheen and ease of care.