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I sat at a loom for the first time when I was ten years old and created three placemats that I still have.  I was hooked!  Many years later,  I have several different types of looms and love exploring the interplay of colours, yarns and fibres.  

My passion for colour and yarn

March 16, 2016 - This morning I was sitting at my loom and watching a mother deer roam through my yard with two youngsters.  She was patiently nibbling and watching the two play tag.  I have seen deer meander through my yard and occasionally run if startled, but I have never watched them play.  It was fascinating!

June 2017 - A couple deer decided they were too hot and needed a refreshing bath to cool down.  They were in the lake just beside our wharf.  It looked like fun!

My studio is in my home located in Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia (just outside Halifax).  It has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake. The view is always changing and frequently wildlife wanders through my yard or paddles by on the lake providing year round entertainment. 

May 22, 2016 - We have several families of ducks on the lake this year.  One of their early swimming adventures tends to be in our tiny pond.  They're pretty cute, but they do stir up silt from the bottom, mucking up the fountain.  Cleaning the pump is not my husband's favourite activity!